Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Top Summer Destination in the Philippines: Siargao

Fun and adventure is what we have in mind as summer starts. It is treating ourselves to pure pleasure and relaxation after a yearlong of working, studying, or just doing nothing. And there is nothing more fun than exploring with the best nature can provide. Top on the list is Siargao Island.

Considered to be the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines”, it is a tear-drop shaped island in the Philippine Sea, located in the province of Surigao del Norte, North-eastern part of Island Mindanao. It has the best surfing waves and a worldwide reputation for its thick, hollow and heavy right hand barreltubes known as Cloud 9. It is a reasonably affordable destination for surfers and adventure-seekers with inexpensive accommodations, restaurants and bars to choose from. 

People, Food and Beverages

In Siargao, you can be assured that the foods served are fresh! They only prepare the food after ordering. The 30 – 45 minutes waiting time wouldn’t be that long knowing that what is ahead is a fiesta of seafood. We recommend the grilled “tanigue” belly (blue marlin), steamed crabs, “kinilaw na bariles” (raw yellow fin tuna in coconut vinegar, spices and chilli,  known to be the Philippine counterpart of sashimi in Japan), sweet and sour “lapu-lapu” (grouper), and baked mussels with butter and cheese. You may also try the “surfer’s bread”, a bread shaped like a surfing board and can be bought on a local bakery. However, we advise you to bring bottle water because most of drinking water comes from wells. Nightlife usually starts at nine in the evening till you drop. Local strong beer with a red horse on the label is one of the favourite beers of the yuppies and oldies. Like most Filipinos, a warm smile from the locals always assures us that we are always welcome and safe with them. 

 Islands, Beaches and Resorts

The white sand beaches and coral reefs of Daka and Guyam Islands in Siargao are world-class, ideal for surfing, diving and snorkelling. Adventure seekers can go surfing and diving while the family enjoys swimming and snorkelling in pristine blue water and diversity of corals that sheltered variety of fishes. Room rates on comfortable non-air-conditioned rooms to cosy and elegant cottages ranges from USD 12.00 – 20.00 per night only. The window view of the cottages facing the Pacific Ocean is truly an awe-inspiring experience. A walk in the beach at night under the serine dark back draft of sky and lone dim light from the moon will set the mood for couples to fall in love.

From Manila, you can reach Siargao via Surigao City in a 2 hours flight time and take a 2-hour ferry to Dapa, the main port in Siargao. Direct flight from Cebu City to Siargao is also available five times a week. But before going there, be sure to have enough cash with you, there is no ATM in the island. Bring also some first-aid kit; the nearest hospitals are in Surigao City and have stock loads for prepaid phone subscribers, it is hard to get a load during peak months.

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