Sunday, December 9, 2012

The shocking loss of PACMAN

Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez  rivalry ended with a big bang. With Pacquaio falling flatly on the canvass in the final seconds of the 6th round, Filipinos were shocked to see that their boxing hero succumbed to the right hook of Marquez. The hysteria of Jinky Pacquiao at the ringside as her husband planked for a few seconds added more drama to the action-packed fight.

We somehow anticipated that not all the time our hero will win his fights, but should not end this way! This horrible loss will taint Pacquiao’s great record as an 8-division world champion. It only showed that heydays had an end and not all endings are pleasant.

Looking at the fight, both fighters showed their greatest performance ever in their respective careers. Rounds 1 and 2 exchanges were equal as they tried to measure one’s strength and tactics. When Pacquiao was downed in the third round, he obviously got more aggressive that he had also floored Marquez in the fifth round and battered Marquez that his face was badly swollen with blood dripping to the canvass. In the middle of the sixth round, Pacquiao was clearly on the advantage and even pushed to finish it but the right hook of Marquez stunned him as he fell to the canvass face first and never recovered.

Many observations and blaming had come out after the fight. Many said that Pacquiao’s conversion in his religion contributed to his loss. In all of his previous fights, his rosary was always visible and he only took it off just before the bell rings at the fight. His being a politician was also blamed as it misplaced his attention and focus on his boxing career. Others said he did not train well  because he had other commitments to attend to.

Dwelling to those tirades is an insult to Marquez capability as a fighter, boxing tactician and counter-puncher. Marquez is not a lowly boxer that defeated our champion. Remember, he is also a world champion that was beaten and won by a hair by Pacquiao in judge’s decision. Marquez had also trained hard for this fight and this win is his redemption.

As I see it, both fighters were great, prepared to fight and determined to win and it was just a matter of who will hit the devastating blow first. And this time, it was Juan Manuel Marquez  who  got the right side of the coin and the nod from Lady Luck.

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