Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Living Under Down Under, New Zealand

A good friend of mine, Lorien Longcob, worked as a
farm manager in Temuka, South Canterbury, NZ

New Zealand, one of the countries in the world where families who want to migrate would consider it their next home. The comments that we usually hear of the place is so good.  The environment is quiet and calm that you feel like you are on a vacation while actually working to find a living. The place is not crowded yet and job opportunities are good. With these, New Zealand might be an option to stay for a greener pasture.  

However, it is inevitable that our inquisitive mind start to pile up questions about the place.  We could not grasp the feel of how it is to stay there and what could life be if we will bring our families there especially if we have kids.  A lot of things are to be considered, the way of living, the institutions like school of the kids, and the security of the place.  These are just few of the many things that might bother our mind whether we will push through with our plan of staying for good in New Zealand.

One chilly morning in NZ.
I know of families who are enjoying their stay in New Zealand as immigrants.  Some are nurses who brought their families there and eventually have found the place a real good place to stay for good.  Few also worked as farm managers and workers attending hundreds of milking cows. They are now already full pledged Kiwi nationals and have been there for more than a decade.  On the other hand, I heard from others that their experience of staying there was not good.  These are but some of the real life experiences that might be of help in weighing things out whether the plan has to push through.  Testimonies from people who are currently staying there would be one thing that we might consider.

Sky City, Aukland, NZ
With The New Zealand Immigration &Relocation Report, we can get the information that we need and so we need not to be in the place to prove that it is worth a stay for good.  Information has been collected regarding the place that would be of help for those who are still planning to go there.  It is like a one stop shop where all that you need is there.  Everything that you want to know about New Zealand is provided. 

With The New Zealand Immigration & Relocation Report, it is like sitting in front of a travel consultant where all your questions are satisfied.  At the comfort of your home, you can slowly come up with your final decision after a good read of this very informative guide.  

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